Sunday, August 08, 2004

BBC Liberal Bias.

The idiot Lefties that hang around MediaLens like to pretend the BBC is somehow 'establishment'. Bollocks. The late Andy Gilligan would still be in his job, desparately trying to embarrass the government if it hadn't been for the establishment hitting back. However, since they persist in minute textual analysis in order to make their bizarre claims, I thought it would be entertaining to hear some of them attempt to explain this , from the Beeb's website:

Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy has urged his party to take an ambitious approach in the next general election.
The move comes following recent by-election successes in Leicester South.

Mr Kennedy believes important gains can be made when voters eventually go to the polls.

He told BBC 1's Breakfast with Frost: "If we go into the next election, as I hope we will, on 24-25% (share of the vote), the sky is the limit.

"Therefore we shouldn't lack ambition".

Parmjit Singh Gill recently overturned a 13,000 Labour majority to take Leicester South and increase the Liberal Democrat's standing in Parliament to 55 MPs.

Despite the victory, Mr Kennedy played down the prospect of replacing the Conservatives as the main opposition party.

How do you like that? Here is the leader of a party which opposed the liberation of Iraq, and his comments are being seriously reported by the BBC. In my younger, more idealistic days, fellow communists described such people as "objectively pro-Fascist". So, how do the kids in the MediaLens playground explain that one? If the Beeb is so pro-establishment how come it dares to broadcast the views of a fat bastard who has the temerity to disagree with the Prime Minister, without also broadcasting his execution live on air?


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